Error 1606. Could not access network location SoftGrid Management Service

I have been upgrading a lot of my test labs up to 4.5 RTM over the last few weeks, and I have had some good experiences and some interesting experiences :o)

Anyway after upgrading all my clients from 4.1 to 4.5 I wanted to quickly get on and upgrade my management server.

Now this normally should be a quick and easy upgrade…. alas…. not for me this time!

When I ran the setup.exe I got a lovely error “Error 1606. Could not access network location SoftGrid Management Service\


At this point I got a bit annoyed and reached out to my trusty process monitor and the Softgrid-server-setup.txt file, located ;

C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temp on Server 2003.


In the file you may spot something similar to the following;

[2008-09-29 22:03:32] (5964:3724) Returning VersionString `` (RTM)'' for ProductCode ``{A4A45785-926B-4805-8180-58D330D419DE}''.
[2008-09-29 22:03:32] (5964:3724) Upgrading from < 4.5.
[2008-09-29 22:03:32] (5964:3724) Detected major upgrade from ver `` (RTM)'', to ver ``''.
[2008-09-29 22:03:33] (5964:5892) INSTALLDIR: ``''.
[2008-09-29 22:03:35] (5964:6028) Returning VersionString `` (RTM)'' for ProductCode ``{A4A45785-926B-4805-8180-58D330D419DE}''.
[2008-09-29 22:03:35] (5964:6028) Installed version is lower then
[2008-09-29 22:03:35] (5964:6028) Setting directory table entries.
[2008-09-29 22:06:48] (4524:5196) Returning VersionString `` (RTM)'' for ProductCode ``{A4A45785-926B-4805-8180-58D330D419DE}''.
[2008-09-29 22:06:48] (4524:5196) Upgrading from < 4.5.
[2008-09-29 22:06:48] (4524:5196) Detected major upgrade from ver `` (RTM)'', to ver ``''.
[2008-09-29 22:06:50] (4524:4256) INSTALLDIR: ``''.
[2008-09-29 22:06:53] (4524:416) Returning VersionString `` (RTM)'' for ProductCode ``{A4A45785-926B-4805-8180-58D330D419DE}''.
[2008-09-29 22:06:53] (4524:416) Installed version is lower then
[2008-09-29 22:06:53] (4524:416) Setting directory table entries.

The key piece in the above is the [2008-09-29 22:03:33] (5964:5892) INSTALLDIR: ``''.

There is a null value set which prevents the installer from finding the install directory and some of the configuration.

As you can see this is the “before state” of my platform. The Key will be located under

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\UserData\S-1-4-18\Products\ and than a Guid file and within that InstallProperties (The quickest way to find this is by doing a search once you get to the Products key for “SoftGrid Virtual Application Server”)….


Now within that key you should see a string for InstallLocation (notice that its empty)

Add your Install Path for your softgrid VAS server install. In my case its D:\Program Files\Softricity\


At this point I am going to emphasis how important the trailing back slash is …. as you can see in the above screen shot i left it out…… and in the below screen shot i have it in. The having the trailing back slash is needed! I spent hours on another issue after this because of that ! My better half was not impressed with me :o)


Anyway Once thats all done, You should be able to execute the setup and install/upgrade away!


Good luck one and all!

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