SCVMM 2007 Interesting Clear Up for Database

One of mine and Duanes good friends is a PFE engineer called Richard Diver (lovingly know to us as Dicky Diver!) He has been working on a number of issues with some of his customers around SCVMM. Well he came across a great little workaround to an issue;


Here’s the situation:

Following several deployments of hundreds of VM’s, thousands of Jobs were created and stored in the SCVMM 2007 database. That coupled with the regular checks made by SCVMM (a job for each one) our database had over 100k jobs. This causes a big problem: when launching the SCVMM 2007 console, this would use up more than 900MB of RAM to run, in the past we have experience instability when this goes over 1.2GB

Here’s the solution:

1. Open SQL Management Studio

2. Open New Query Screen

3. Run the following Query to clear entire list of Jobs on SCVMM Admin Console

UPDATE tbl_TR_TaskTrail SET IsVisible = 0

4. Rre-open the SCVMM Admin console – entire list of jobs should be clear

Now, when the console launches it only uses 120MB of RAM. This process is run every 2 hours to keep the list of jobs down. There is a downside to this in that we no longer have the useful information that comes from some of the jobs, but that is better than having the console crash regularly :O)

Hope this helps Someone

Richard Diver

Comments (2)

  1. Giovanni Perini says:

    Thanks, this is a cute tip and it also works on SCVMM2012

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