Some Great ‘Management’ Information from Gartner

Now when I say management, i don’t mean SCCM or even SCOM! I mean real management people! The guys and gals that have to justify why we need MDOP in our business! The other thing when justifying the MDOP or Vista upgrades that causes problems, is that you tend to hear it from Micro’softees, and were bias right !? :o)

Well I love talking to peps around the MDOP (Not from a licensing perspective…. remember i am techie! I don’t care about sales! I love talking about the bits and bytes!) but what I do like reading is the independent analysts reviews. Which brings me on to the subject of today!

Gartner has released several documents about the value of the MDOP/SA and the risk of missing Windows Vista (on that note you can read about the development of windows 7 here )  These documents give you a great insight into how much value is just crammed into the packet of technology goodness!

Have a read as its interesting where they see the value!

Quantifying the Value of Microsoft's Desktop Optimization Pack

How to Quantify the Value of Software Assurance for Windows Client

Understand the Risks of Skipping Windows Vista

They will be hosted on PressPass until March 12, 2009.

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