How to download App-V 4.5 RTM

So how can you get your hands on App-V 4.5 RTM, well the answer my friends is on

You can download it today from the MVLS website.You will obviously need to have a valid agreement to download software.

1. Go to

2. Log-in using Passport account

3. Go to the Products Download Section


4) Under Windows released 2008-09-04 you should see Application Virtualization 4.5.


5) Once you select that you can select Language and your download speed and away you go!


Note: Remember you are governed by license agreements and product use rights so you must have a valid MDOP license.

Also be aware that this download name will likely change over the coming days to reflect Microsoft Application Virtualization Hosting for Desktops 4.5. Do not be confused by this ! These are App V 4.5 bits and valid for you to download.

Happy Virtualization peps!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi All,

    With regards to MSDN etc I am trying to find out a release date for you all. As soon as i know! You all will know.

    We value all our Partners and MSDN subscribers and you all our never forgotten!

    Hope to have some feedback for you all soon!



  2. Anonymous says:

    So for the software insurance app-v release it is actually bundled with the MDOP 2008 R2, which is at the bottom of the download site under "Software Assurance" and than  "Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack For Software Assurance 2008 R2 2008-09-29 "

    Hope this helps


  3. Anonymous says:

    Any update on where to find this on MSDN for partners? I wanted to demo this on Friday and I can’t find the bits.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes!  Partners!

    Some of us have 4.5 deployments scheduled for early October and need to begin testing ASAP!

  5. Anonymous says:

    hey Myron,

    The full MDOP R2 release is what you are after. This is located on the MVLS site under product downloads > Software Assurance > Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack For Software Assurance 2008 R2

    The Full windows desktop client RTM is there.

    Hope this helps


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Zach,

    Yeap thats the one!

    "Also be aware that this download name will likely change over the coming days to reflect Microsoft Application Virtualization Hosting for Desktops 4.5. Do not be confused by this ! These are App V 4.5 bits and valid for you to download."



  7. Anonymous says:

    Still nothing on MSDN and TechNet.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeap its definatly under MSDN. If you look for "Desktop Optimisation Pack" you should find it!

    I will blog the steps shortly for ease!



  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey John,

    No stress! Have a hunt for the "Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2009" Thats what you are after! Within this pack holds the App-V for Windows Desktop which is where you are gunning for :o)

    Good Luck and If you have any other question just ping me :o)

    All the best


  10. Anonymous says:

    What about us poor Microsoft partners?

    It’s not on MSDN or TechNet yet.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hello John, Thanks for your comments! However I think you may be a little upset for no real reason.

    What about MSDN or Technet? We offer our code here for you to test and play with.

    This code is available for user there and has been very well recieved for PoC etc.

    As for "noone is using it"…. I have to chuckle at that comment :o) (I wish I could get a free day I am so busy with customers deploying it!)

    Let us all know your thoughts….



  12. badshadd says:

    Thanks for the clarification assistance – we were looking under the SA section & not finding it. I just downloaded the bits.

  13. Zach says:

    On my VL site, it’s listed as "Application Virtualization Hosting for Desktops 4.5"  That’s the right one, yes?

  14. It's Me says:

    I think it’s only available through Software Assurance.

  15. chaps

    if you can get on MSDN or technet look at MDOP app v is included in this.



  16. Greg Small says:


    Is there a list of fixes / changes from the RC version to the RTM version ?


  17. mtvedten says:

    We have Software Assurance and access to the MDOP package. However there is no "AppV" package under windows at MVLS.

    Anyone know how to get a hold of it?

    Best regards

  18. Myron Abston says:

    Is App-V RTM the full production (Non-Beta) version of App-V? I just want to make sure I’m using the most recent version.


    Myron Abston  

  19. Brian says:

    Does this client download exist for Partners?  I can’t find it on MSDN.

  20. John says:

    Err. And pray tell how one is meant to run a POC!? –  Why should I pay for something that may not work for us!?

    If Microsoft want to really get into the virtual arena they should make the product available!

    I couldn’t give a hoot if we get a 90 day trial, I just want to try it!

    No wonder no-one is using it – THEY CAN’T GET HOLD OF A COPY!


  21. John says:

    Hey Justin,

    Someone needs to let Microsoft know this…

    I’ve called the 0870 60 10 100 number on three seperate occassions today and all 3 times I’ve been advised App-V is not available to download and trial.

    You can even listen to the voicemessage if you want 😉

    I just looked on TechNet and I can only see it for Terminal servers.

    I want to use this – SWV from Symantec is a no go. – They have problems a plenty!

    I’ll jump back on TechNet and have a hunt again.


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