Windows 2008 Server Core Configurator

Andrew Auret pinged me the other day to tell me about a tool that he has been working on with Tony Ison. I remembered him telling me about this months ago when we were on a project together! Well the boys have done good and released the tool on CODEPLEX :

This tool is awsome when you want to configure Hyper-V on server Core. Which is exactly the use case for me using this tool set!

Unlike the tool from Guy Trovesky, this is uncomplied code (Script based) therefore making the life of an it admin easier to include his|her extra additions.

If your using Server Core in Windows Server 2008, you'll know that there are always certain tasks you need to do upon installation to enable things like Activation, Firewall.
This Tool is a collection of scripts which will help provision and configure a Base Windows 2008 Server Core installation, The Server Core Configurator enables you to do all those 'little jobs' via a GUI, quickly and easily!
Product Licencing
Networking Features
DCPromo Tool
ISCSI Settings
Server Roles and Features
User and Group Permissions
Share Creation and Deletion
Firewall Settings
Display Settings
Add & Remove Drivers
Screensaver Settings
Windows Updates (Including WSUS)
and so much more...
Go on give it a try

  • Download latest release
  • Run Setup-Core
  • ...Happy configuring

There will be regular updates to Core Configurator so always check back for future releases and additions

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember pretty well when Guy Teverovsky shared his CoreConfigurator tool, to help Server Core Systems

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since the launch of Windows Server 2008 a lot of configuration tools have been released to help administrators

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