Get Virtual Now?!

Now in case you have not heard there is a big event going on soon! The theme of the event is “Get Virtual Now” (Monday’s (Sept. 8) virtualization event in Bellevue) – translation, with Microsoft software and partner solutions, customers can virtualize from the datacenter to the desktop, and manage those IT assets with the same tools they’re already using to manage their physical infrastructure.

Key news points for September 8th :

· Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 will be available within 30 days as a free download

o So What: We’re providing this to customers at no charge and sooner than expected.  We’re getting the technology customers and partners need to implement, out there, quickly and removing the cost barriers associated with acquiring.

· SCVMM 2008 coming soon!: System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) to be available within 30 days

o So What: Management is the glue that brings a complete virtualization solution together.  With the System Center suite, customers can now manage physical and virtual technologies, from desktop to datacenter.

· Live Migration is Coming:  Demo’d for first time in Bob Muglia’s keynote, and available with Windows Server 2008 R2

o So What: Admittedly, this is a feature we don’t have today.  As the demo shows, the technology is coming along well. We’ll also state that live migration will be a feature of the next version (after Hyper-V Server 2008) of Microsoft Hyper-V Server.

· App-V 4.5 to be available soon as part of MDOP 2008 R2; Scott Woodgate will demo a VDI scenario

o So What: App-V 4.5 is the leading application virtualization product in the market

· Partners are here: Virtualization on-ramp program launched for integrators and resellers; including new solution catalog and training/certifications. Also announcing availability of the Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) Virtualization lab—The EEC is a state of the art facility and promises to deliver the best in virtualization interoperability and functional testing.  And you’ll see ~ 30 news releases from partners on Sept. 8.

o So What: Partners are critical to getting our software in the hands of customers. 


So here are some further cool linkes!

· Keynotes: keynotes from Bob Kelly [9am PST] and Bob Muglia and Kevin Turner [12:30pm-2pm PST] will be webcast live on Sept. 8, and archived for on-demand viewing. You can find a link from the Virtual Press Room for the event:

· Keynote highlights: we’re creating 7-8 brief [2-3 minute] highlights from the day’s keynotes so that bloggers and media can download them and embed them into blogs and articles. For example, expect to see a segment from the demo of live migration. These videos will be available 60-90 minutes after the keynotes conclude, files posted in the Virtual Press Room for the event:

· Partner news releases: HP, Sun, AMD, Compellent and NetApp are just some of the ~30 partners issuing news releases on Sept. 8. You’ll be able to find partner news releases in the Virtual Press Room for the event:

For more information about the virtualization launch event, check out the Get Virtual Now site

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