Engineering Windows 7

This is a truly awesome blog! and is one that is worth keeping in your RSS readers. The Engineering Team for Windows 7 are going to be open and honest to the community and give you a deep insight to what it actually means to develop Windows. This also has an impact on us in the virtualization community which is why I am pointing this out.

Engineering Windows 7 blog which is run by two senior engineering managers for the Windows 7 product. The interesting aspect of this specific Windows 7 blog is that it is maintained and run by Microsoft employees that are deeply involved in the creation of Windows 7 and that it aims for a two-way communication instead of just reports without interaction.

Two events for developers have been mentioned in their initial blog post where Microsoft will provide “in-depth technical information about Windows 7? and that the blog will inform interested users with regular posts about behind the scene developments. The two events mentioned are PDC (Professional Developers Conference) on October 27 and WinHec (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) a week later.

So go on and have a look at

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