Recipes and Step-By-Steps

Recipes or Step-By-Steps for sequencing are one of the most important things that you can do when sequencing applications. This will help you so much in the long run. We go to many customer sites where they just forget or don’t know what's gone into the sequence to get it working OR how they even get the normal install configured and to work!

Luckily we have some great folk out there documenting some of the challenges! Feel free to use the comments below to link of to any other recipes you know about to help the community! But well done to all that have done some great documents to date!

Tim Mangan -

For Notepad, or for that matter any application that is just a stand-alone exe without an installer, you just copy the exe into your Asset (Q:8.3) Folder.

QuickBooks Premium 7.0 Recipe QuickBooks 2007.pdf

Office 2003

Office 2007

Lotus Notes


Internet Explorer


Visio Viewer 2003


Microsoft SQL Server Books Onl

Abra Suite

Radia Delivered Apps

Internet Explorer no file menu

Internet Explorer: with restri

AdobeReader6 (SG3)

AdobePhotoshop7 (SG3)

AutoCad2002 (SG3)

DreamweaverUltradev (SG3)

Office2000Pro (SG3)

Project2000 (SG3)

Visio2000Pro (SG3)

Peachtree Prem Acct 2005

Peachtree Prem Acct 2006

Aaron Parker’s – stealthpuppy - 

  • Sequencing Adobe Photoshop CS3

  • Sequencing Adobe Illustrator CS3

  • Sequencing Adobe InDesign CS3

  • Addressing Licensing Issues With Adobe CS3 Apps On SoftGrid

  • Addressing Apple Bonjour With Adobe CS3 Apps On SoftGrid

  • Disable Adobe Updater When Sequencing CS3 Apps

  • Sequencing Apple QuickTime 7.x

  • SoftGrid: Sequencing Adobe Acrobat 8 – The Story So Far

  • More on SoftGrid and Adobe Acrobat

  • Ricardo Calejo











    Other Great Resources;

    Application Sequencing Issues

    Microsoft App-V Sequencing TechCenter 

    Instant Apps

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