Supported Virtual Environments

This was really interesting…. did you know that Microsoft ISA Server and Forefront TMG are supported on hardware virtualization in accordance with the following programs:

· Microsoft Support Lifecycle

· Microsoft ISA Server 2000 System Requirements

· Microsoft ISA Server 2004 System Requirements

· Microsoft ISA Server 2006 System Requirements

· Forefront TMG System Requirements

· Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP)

· Support Policy for Microsoft software running on non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software

For example, if a hardware virtualization platform is listed as ”validated” with the SVVP (not “under evaluation”), Microsoft ISA Server and Forefront TMG will be supported for production use on that platform within the limits prescribed in the Microsoft Product Support Lifecycle, Non-Microsoft hardware virtualization policies and the system requirements for that product version and edition.

For hardware virtualization platforms not listed with the SVVP, Microsoft ISA Server and Forefront TMG are supported in accordance with remaining Microsoft support policies, limited as follows:

· Desktop virtualization, such as Microsoft Virtual PC or similar 3rd-party product: supported for demonstration and educational use only

· Server Virtualization, such as Microsoft Virtual Server or similar 3rd-party product: supported, but not recommended for production use

Important: as stated in MSKB 897615, Microsoft support engineers may request that a customer reproduce a reported problem on real hardware or within an SVVP-listed hardware virtualization platform before continuing with the case.  If the problem cannot be reproduced in hardware or on SVVP-listed server virtualization product of similar class, the case may be deferred to the 3rd-party vendor product support.

You can also now view the video interview David did with Jim.  He explains various things around virtualization with ISA/TMG and there are some topics they discuss (such as virtual ISA failover) which you won’t find in the guide.

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