Part 5 : Configuring the Windows Server 2008 Firewall for RC App-V

This Continues from Part 4. The topology is as follows;


Now we have installed the App-V Management Server on Windows Server 2008 we need to allow some ports to be open to allow client-server communication to take place.

To do this easiest way is to use Program Rules.

Program rule. This type of rule allows traffic for a particular program. You can identify the program by program path and executable name.

We need to go through this process twice for two different program rules!!!

1) From the Start menu go into Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. In the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security On the Inbound Rules right click and select New Rule.

1 2

2) In the Rule Type select Program and select next, Now in the program path we need to add the following rules for the Management Server

- %PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft System Center App Virt Management Server\App Virt Management Server\bin\sghwdsptr.exe

-%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft System Center App Virt Management Server\App Virt Management Server\bin\sghwsvr.exe

You will have to do a separate rule for each of the above! and than click next.

 3  5

3) Now allow the connection and click next and than click next for the profiles.

 6 7

4) Enter a name for each rule and click Finish!


This configuration will now allow your App-V management server to communicate correctly with your App-V clients! The ports will be automatically set depending on what the .exe is listening for.

Great Great Windows Server 2008 Feature!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This Continues from Part 5 . The topology for this is; The template focus is on registry settings that

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    I have a zillion things on the go these days and I have been meaning to upgrade my labs for a while.

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    This continues from Part 6 . Ok Here is the topology we are following; Now I have installed a default

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