Hyper-V Monitor Gadget for Windows Sidebar!

Well I just want to introduce you to a new writer who is gonna come along and help giving you great content on virtualworld! Duane Thomas is one of my buddies and fellow speaker whores :o) within PFE. Duane and I work closely on the Virtualization community and with our customers and its great to have Duane contributing into the blog! You should see loads of cool stuff coming from Duane which I hope you all enjoy! So let me hand it over to Duane for his first post!


Well you might not be as Vista gadget crazy as I am but this is still very cool!  I am a firm believer that the Vista sidebar is a great platform for BI information, and IT KPI or dashboards.  It’s a shame we haven’t seen more gadgets like this one!

One of my customers pointed this out to me yesterday (Thanks Matt Black!)

Hyper-V Monitor Gadget for Windows Sidebar!

Tore Lervik has created just such a gadget!  Check out his page here http://mindre.net/post/Hyper-V-Monitor-Gadget-for-Windows-Sidebar.aspx

The gadget can list multiple servers at once and also support vmconnect when double clicking on a VM.
PS: The gadget uses WMI to connect to the server so the user need remote WMI access (Step 5) on the Hyper-V server.


The things I really like about the gadget are the ability to VMconnect to a VM from the gadget and the fact the gadget auto populates the machines and status of machines.

Have a go!  Make sure you provide your feedback and comments back to Tore at this blog.

That’s all for now. 


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