Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Professional Add-In for Rack Server Virtualization (Virtual Rack)

Duane Thomas a buddy of mine, pinged me a link to this darn cool add-in to Visio.

This amazing Add-in from Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Professional helps you plan virtualization.
With over 70% of server hardware being under-utilized, this very valuable tool can draw a clear picture of your hardware utilization. This tool auto-generates the diagram of your rack and provides clear server details from a linked Excel template. Analyze your racks and servers using WMI or get the utilization data over time using the Operations Manager connection.
Use the virtualization button to see the before and after detailed diagram of your racks. See clearly where you have the opportunity to save on space and power.
See the power of Data Visualization at work with this Add-in For Visio 2007

Go and download this add-in from

Comments (2)

  1. Guy Incognito says:

    That’s an awesome addon, does it automatically add a sad face box that represents POS software (like Visio) that won’t run in a terminal environment?

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