John Sheehan: Inside Application Virtualization


Gene pinged me the other day about a cool little video up on channel 9! Its a really cool deep dive into App-V that John did.

Here’s a good overview of our Application Virtualization product our Architect, John Sheehan, presented a few weeks ago.

Here, John Sheehan, the primary architect of SoftGrid (formerly the chief architect of Softricity) digs into the details of how application virtualization (as implemented in SoftGrid) works. It's an incredibly interesting technology with a very promising future. There are many possibilities for using application virtualization to solve problems affecting not only the enterprise, but standard users and developers as well. Just use your imagination. This is a deep dive and John told me he'd like to go even deeper next time he's in Redmond. For now, this conversation should suffice as a technical introduction to the world of application virtualization and how Microsoft is innovating in this space.

Check it out!

The above leads us into a number of topics for 4.5 which i will go into next week when i am back from holiday!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Over on his Virtual World blog , my buddy Justin Zarb recently posted a cool video that was done by John

  2. Anonymous says:

    So back a while back we spoke around John Sheehan looking inside App-V . Since than John has done a further

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