Madagascar Madness! And they need your help!

It was a weekend when Natalie (My better half) was away, and an email arrived from Paul Norris (Director in PFE) asking for people to help a good cause! This cause meant do 420km cycle ride in 4 days across Madagascar all for Charity!!!!……. so I explained this to Natalie over the phone…… and her only reaction to me was “Justin, You’ll die!”…… a sentiment that I look back and agree with her! Obviously I am not as fit as I use to be!

Anyway, One of my good friends Jane Lewis has finally gone bonkers and anyone who knows her personally knows what a determined tenacious person she is. On September 27th 2008 Jane will be partaking in a Computer Aid International Event across Madagascar. So what is this amazing event.

She is taking part in the computer aid Madagascar Cycle Challenge in September 2008  to raise money for Computer Aid International ( and would really appreciate your support.  For those of you that have already contributed – THANKYOU – to those who have been meaning too, here’s how you can help 🙂

She has agreed to cycle, with 14 Premier Field Engineers of Microsoft from the entire EMEA region, 420km in only 4 days across Madagascar, one of the most ecologically rich and unique countries on the planet, whilst helping Computer Aid International deliver vital IT education to communities in real need.  All the money donated by you will help us to provide professionally refurbished PCs to schools throughout the developing world – where IT skills are now just as important to school-leavers as they are here in Europe. They will visit a school in Madagascar and see at first hand the very real and positive impact of IT education on these disadvantaged children.


By completing the challenge they aim to have personally raised enough money to provide an entire 10-machine computer lab to a school in need – and with it IT education to 1,000 children who would otherwise be denied this opportunity. 

She and the PFE team cannot do this alone, And THEY NEED YOUR HELP NOW in form of an online, secure donation – however large or small – EVERYTHING you donate will go directly to the computer-aid charity involved, and the children who need it most. Plus also Microsoft in the U.K. will match your donation.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP – follow the link at the bottom of this email and make a donation, we each have a huge target to hit before September, so EVERY donation counts towards the final group total.

Please Sponsor the PFE team who are cycling across Madagascar for  Computeraid @

I will also be putting a little gadget to the left of the Blog to keep you up to date on progress and if you would like to contribute further in the future!

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