Interesting developments over at VMware

So it looks like all change at the top of VMware.

“VMware's Board of Directors ... has made a change in the leadership of the company with the departure of Diane Greene as President and CEO. VMware's Board of Directors has appointed Paul Maritz as President and CEO of VMware effective immediately."

The Hyper-V affect!  I would like to think so 🙂

More information and background can be found here.  What does this mean?  What will be the affect?  Would love to here your thoughts?

Comments (2)

  1. Wayne Anderson says:

    Honestly, I dont think there was really enough emphasis on product improvement in VI 3.5

    In one fell swoop, Hyper-V has come into the market with roughly 80% of the capability of the 3rd generation VMWare hypervisor-driven product.

    When you take VI3.5 and extract the (separately licensed) virtualcenter out of the architecture, what you have is VI3 with a few security fixes.

    Most of the capability in VI3 (P2V, V2V, V2V based clustering, etc) is already present in Hyper-V+SCVMM 2008.  Some of the basic host tools that vmware offers are already becoming availible via powershell and VBS scripting.  

    The honest truth is that there is one place where the entire Hyper-V value proposition falls down:

    cross platform!

    Today’s datacenter are not homogeneous!  Today’s hypervisor has to have heterogeneous support and saying that you support linux by forcing it to be a SuSE enterprise distribution is not enough for today’s datacenter customers.

    VMWare should be doing a better job of executing on capability strategy and converting VMWare Server downloads to actual VI3 sales.  Microsoft needs to bring better cross platform capability and better documentation for common enterprise features (such as using iSCSI targets).

  2. AndyLala says:

    Perhaps, but these are products in their infancy let them throw the toys out of the pram occassionally… Unfortunately, they are playing in the big world… EMC was not good for VMware and didn’t understand what they had brought… Place a Windows guy into an open (well almost) source community, what did they expect… and push Diane out because they didn’t like what she was saying… hmmm… very childish…

    Anywho… 25% of the share prices… Cisco pulling back some odd $78m out of their IPO investment… EMC are going to have to do something very big and very soon…

    Question is, if Diane is out, and it looks like she is… will her husband follow suit… time for another spin off anyone…?

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