Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft's Surface touch operated "coffee table" computer will make its debut in the entertainment world at Harrah's casino in Las Vegas.

So what is Microsoft Surface?

Its a WPF application or a number of WPF applications using some specialist hardware.  Now the the interface is cool.  Check out this cheesy advert for an application in a casino. 

This is all well and good however, what really is the potential for this type of technology.  I been looking into this for a customer and came across this excellent blog post by Steve Clayton and video.  The video quality is not that good, however it demonstrates the potential for future applications for the surface platform.

Applcaitons of Microsoft Surface

Note the rolling coke cans and the images being left on the surface.  The face imprint is of course interesting also 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. dom says:

    It’s utterly brilliant. Very ‘Minority Report’.

    Pizza Hut will never be the same again!

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