New Worldwide Site on our Environmental Strategy

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In the UK we are very active in changing our environment and doing as much as we can to recycle and conserve are natural resources! I am a passionate believer that we make our own destiny and we make decisions that govern our future.

Some of the talk around Windows Server 2008 and Virtualization (Specifically Hardware Virtualization) are around consolidating platforms and maximizing our datacenters and using less power where we can. The other great thing is that some organisations are doing this inline with some very smart ways of generating electricity for there datacenters.

It was brilliant when I was pinged about some of the work that Microsoft is doing around this space. This fabulous new site from our worldwide E&S team gives some much better information on our worldwide policy, strategy and of course provides some resources.

Some highlights from the site for me:

If I can say one thing, its take a moment out of your day and consider what you do? how can I do it better? smarter? what do our business do and I do to make sure we are still working well in years to come?

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