Guess what’s on Connect…. App-V 4.5 RC

Get on line and log in and download the latest version of application virtualization 4.5 RC!!!! So lets all get playing and get posting! the latest release is awesome and I really like the new sequencer look and feel!!!

This is up on if you have not signed up for it before look at the previous post here 


This is the download for the Public RC release of Microsoft Application Virtualization (formerly SoftGrid Application Virtualization) 4.5.

This download consists of five self-extracting executables (one for each RC product component), a Planning and Deployment Guide, and RC Release Notes. 
Please read the Release Notes prior to using the release. The file name for the Release Notes is AppVirtReadme.htm and is also included in each self-extracting executable.

This Public RC release is for non-production environment use only. Community-based support as well as the opportunity to provide feedback is available via a  forum in the Microsoft TechNet Forums (please see

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