I am back! Not that you noticed :)

So where have I been? As Justin pointed out I have changed roles within Microsoft UK. From a Strategy Consultant to an Architect Evangelist with the Developer Platform Evangelism group.

WOW now that’s a cool title right?

So what’s my role, to Evangelise right! Yep that’s it focusing on customers and working on solutions that use N + 1 Microsoft technology. So what will be my focus area? The complete breath of our technology base to about level 200. So why have I gone Dark? Basically it’s been a steep learning curve. A high light for the pass 3 months, has been getting up to speed with our Developer story. Sliverlight and WPF rocks more on that in future posts.

However I am back with you all in the Virtual World and this will still be a focus area for myself.

A big shout out for the Zarb! Thanks for the continued support and keeping the blog going. Truly awesome.

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