SFT Explorer 1.4 – Now Available

As always my boy Kalle got busy and updated the SFT Explorer tool. Get the update now!

  • SFT Explorer, version 1.4 - As MSI package
  • SFT Explorer, version 1.4 - As SoftGrid package
  • SFT Explorer, version 1.4 - As ZIP package
  • SFT Explorer features:

  • Loads quickly SFT files - even slightly broken ones
  • View internal filestructure, with regexp-based filtering
  • View virtual registry
  • View virtual services
  • Export files/folders from package's filestructure
  • Export registry entries from Virtual Registry
  • Virtualized System View for package
  • Resolve VFS mappingpaths to local directories
  • View package properties
  • View package history (for SoftGrid 4.x created sequences and up)
  • View file/folder ACLs created by Microsoft Application Virtualization (MAV) 4.5
  • View deleted registry keys and values
  • "Suite in" multiple SFTs to same view, combining files, registry and services
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