Beta 4.5 and SCCM R2 – The requested software cannot be located

So I wrote a little bit on SCCM R2 and SoftGrid Application Virtualization 4.5 integration. It was a really nice quick way to build your test lab and get you to speed!

Well if you download your SCCM VM and changed the IP address to give your self access to the updates, than installed R2 you may have a little problem.

So lets put the scenario together!
- You have got your SCCM VHD
- Download SP1 and R2
- Added any updates
- Got the Virtual Application Integrated
- Uploaded to your Distribution Point
- Advertised your Virtual Package

You now try to push this to a client, the advertisement pops up! yeah it works....... or does it.......... :o)

When you hit run the following pops up;

"The requested software cannot be located. The system might be in the process of transferring these files. Try again later, or if this operation continues to fail after several attempts, please contact your administrator or helpdesk operator" while trying run a program from "Run advertised programs"


Well if your IP address has changed than you may have accidentally forgotten to update your SCCM Site Boundary. 
In the VHD we use the default-first-site from Active Directory Sites and servers, be sure to update this Site with a defined IP/Subnet for your site.


Also in the SCCM site boundary update your site boundary for fast access also

Once that is completed you should be able to run and download your great virtual applications!!!


Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure you know all about the upcoming features available in Microsoft Application Virtualization (nee

  2. RakUshey says:

    It has not solved a problem.   (((

  3. Hal07 says:

    hello i found this problem. the problem is still present in R2 in combination with windows 7 clients. if you have some kind of vpn network adapter, the sccmclient tries to install from that. e.g. hamachi (free vpn) or other services also creates a problem concerning this. the workaround is to disable any vpn-network adapters present in device manager.

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