Microsoft Application Virtualization (SoftGrid) Post Installation Tasks

Alvin Morales posted a blog on some basics for getting things sorted after you install application virtualization.


We get a lot of questions about what you need to do after installing a 4.x SoftGrid Virtual Application Server (VAS, or would that be Microsoft Application Virtualization Virtual Application Server?  I digress...) so I thought I'd post a couple of the main tasks here.  We also see a lot of calls come in from folks who forget to do these things so if you're ever faced with installing a new server you'll definitely want to keep these in mind.  Failure to do these post installation tasks probably means your SoftGrid server isn't going to work:

  • Verify that the SQL Server Service is started and set to Automatic
  • Verify that the SoftGrid Virtual Application Server Service is started and set to Automatic
  • Share the content folder giving at least read permissions to Everyone. If you need to change these settings for security purposes please make sure that the System account has at least read permissions to the content folder and share
  • Set the Default Content Path in the System Options within the management console. Make sure you type the UNC path to the content folder
  • Verify in the Default Provider that under the group Assignment you have the group(s) that you want to publish applications to
  • Verify in IIS that the installation created the SoftGrid Management virtual pool
  • Verify the Credentials for the account specified to browse the Directory. This is located in the Account Authorities section.

As long as you keep these things in mind your journey with Microsoft Application Virtual should be smooth sailing.

Alvin Morales | Manageability Support Engineer

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