Beta 4.5 and Beta SCCM R2 – How to get a Quick Test Lab for SCCM R2

This is not going to be a depth post... but just a post to say how to get yourself rapidly into a good place with SCCM R2. I have been asked a number of times how to gain access to or even build an SCCM R2 environment. As much fun as it is..... and it is fun! It does take a considerable amount of time!

I was chatting to Marco Cibis (PFE Germany) when we were on a training course together in Prague.... Marco is one of our SCCM guru/jedi knights .....

Anyway he sent me a great link for downloading a pre-configured VHD for SCCM

So that was stage one!!! donwload SCCM RTM for an eval..... saved me 10 hours

Next stage is getting SP1 installed and than R2. Now these bits are up on Connect 

Download the Configuration Manager SP1 and R2 Betas  

If you download them than that's really stage two done!!!

Install SP1 you may need to gather 3 updates which the pre-req tool will guide you too and than install R2!

Once your there.... the fun really starts to happen!! Now at first look you may say "hey whats so different" but than the magic really starts! Notice under the software distribution container the new container for Virtual Applications


Also notice some of the cool new reports that you can run on your clients


You also will have options for Streaming or downloading the package directly using bits to the clients. The streaming piece does require the Streaming Server from 4.5 for the streaming today.....


I think that SCCM R2 with the Application Virtualization integration is going to Rock!! Its truly is a really slick product and I cant wait for the next code drop to be made available on connect!

I may have simplified the process a little on getting the infrastructure there but seriously there is not much else to it. Some pre-reqs you may need is an Internet connection, virtual pc, virtual server or hyper-v......

I will start to dig more under the covers and give some step-by-steps to get us really loving this product!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure you know all about the upcoming features available in Microsoft Application Virtualization (nee

  2. Anonymous says:

    As many of you are well aware of the limitations of the current release of SCCM and SoftGrid 4.2, we

  3. Anonymous says:

    No problem! we will start to build on this scenario and some use case over the next few weeks! if you have ideas for what you want to see just let us know!

    All the best


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Martin,

    I had this same problem as you, I ran the install and it looks like it never installed.

    My version # on the site never changed but in fact it did install R2. I looked at the DP and I had the new features.

    Hope this helps~ Wade

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Martin,

    Have you installed the latest SP1 package from connect. if so than the R2 installation will not work. R2 is currently only compatable with the SP1 Beta. This may, or may not be the issue!

    Let me know!

    All the best


  6. David Caddick says:

    Thanks Jason,

    This wil make it dead easy as we occaissionaly get Customers requirements asking for a fit between SMS/SCCM and XPe Thin Clients….



  7. Martin Wheeler says:


    In your lab environemnt have you tried installing a secondary site server from the R2 site server. If so, did you layer the R2 update onto the secondary site server. I only ask as I have attempted this scenario, i.e. Install primary site & upgrade to SP1 & R2. From this site I installed a secondary site server & manually applied the R2 upgrade. The R2 installation completes successfully but when I look at the secondary site system properties for the R2 option it says that it has NOT been installed. Any ideas how I can resolve this?


  8. Martin Wheeler says:


    I have installed SP1 Beta only.


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