MDOP ROI Calculator

I was delivering a chalk and talk last Tuesday to a great team of chaps....they traveled on the way up to TVP (Microsoft HQ in the UK) to have me throw up a few discussions on Citrix/TS and application virtualization, in 4.1 and 4.5.... the standalone scenario and SCCM. was great fun!!

I was asked a great question by one of the guys....

"Justin, I know I am gonna get asked this question, so I want to pre empt this........ how can we show the ROI of using application virtualization"

Well I knew there was a calculator out there but could not remember where so had to ping Chad!

Now if you take yourself over here we have a great tool!

The tool will walk you through some questions to help identify the potential roi of deploying the MDOP into your organisation!


its a handy thing to know and handy to start a conversation with your boss with also!!!!

as Chad would say "Rock On"!!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought I would share a couple of gems from the superb Virtual World blog : MDOP ROI Calculator – show

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