New Microsoft Application Virtualization (Formerly SoftGrid) 4.5 Beta Standalone Trial Guide is Now Available!

Chad pinged a quick note to the team today letting us know of the updated trial guide!

Hello everyone! I thought I would drop a quick note to let you all know that we have a new trial guide option posted to the web at the following link:

The existing MS App Virtualization 4.5 Beta Trial Guide which walks the user through setting up and testing a complete streaming and virtualization infrastructure is still available at this link, however we just added a separate trial guide focused on standalone mode only. These trial guides provide step by step directions for experiencing application virtualization based upon the aspects of Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 you would like to review:
• The standalone trial guide will walk you through the creation of a virtualized application and execution of the application on the client without the need to setup any infrastructure. This is the simplest trial of Microsoft Application Virtualization.
• The full trial guide walks the user through the same application virtualization capabilities as the standalone guide; however it also includes the steps to setup the publishing and streaming infrastructure options as well.
Once you have completed the setup steps from either guide, you will be able to test the benefits of Microsoft Application Virtualization in your own environment. You can continue to send out just the link above as it includes the instructions to get the beta software from Microsoft Connect and then set it up for a useful test environment.

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