VMM Headlines TechNet Magazine

fig02 The cover of the January issue of TechNet Magazine splashed  “Living in a Virtual World: Powerful New Tools to Manage a Virtualized Datacenter”  and prompted readers to explore the 4,000+ word overview of VMM 2007 by VMM’s own TPM Edwin Yuen. 

Initially, this issue was intended to highlight the larger System Center story (with VMM of course) – but unfortunately for editorial reasons, that did not pan out.  Nevertheless, the cover and accompanying article gave VMM great exposure which was further driven by a headline on the IT Pro link off of Microsoft.com’s  homepage promoting it.  A companion article on System Center Data Protection Manager also appeared in the same edition making this issue mandatory reading !! See: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/technetmag/issues/2008/01/SCVMM/default.aspx?loc=en

This article makes a great “getting started guide” for you interested in understanding how VMM works and the solutions it delivers.

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