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image So I am flying around a lot and walking in town these days..... and as I do this I tend to use my trusty portable music player  (the fact that i have not put a name down should say it all!) ....But I tend to use it for listening to podcasts and some music! .....Enjoying my "Radiohead" albums at the moment! Jeff pinged us the other day about a virtualization podcast and HIGHLY RECOMMEND you have a listen to Eric Traut’s podcast on virtualization. Details below. The podcast runs 34:22 minutes and is here:

About Eric Traut

Eric Traut is a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer and Director of Development for the Windows Kernel and Virtualization team. He has spent the last 12 years of his career working on virtualization technologies. He is one of the original developers of Microsoft’s Virtual PC and Virtual Server products, and he now leads a talented group of engineers who are responsible for many of the core pieces of the Windows operating system. This includes Microsoft’s new virtualization platform (code-named “Viridian”), which will be included in Windows Server 2008. Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University.

In the following Microsoft Virtualization Podcast, Douglas Brown interviews Eric Traut, Microsoft Distinguished Engineer.  Eric is responsible for the Windows Kernel and Virtualization development teams at Microsoft, and in many ways, is the "father of Microsoft virtualization."

Discussion Points:

· Brief Introduction of Eric Traut and discussion on why he is a virtualization expert

· Eric's perspectives on the virtualization world today

· Top strengths  and weaknesses of virtualization

· What's Eric sees Microsoft doing to overcome the top weakness

· Eric discusses some of the differences between VMware and Microsoft virtualization

· Eric’s response to VMware's statement that "virtualization is the end of the OS"

· Explanation of the Microsoft coined phrase, "enlightenment concept" and the performance enhancements it brings to virtualized operating systems

· Eric discusses the benefits of desktop virtualization and VDI

· Brief discussion about Hyper-V and some of its features such as, Live Migration and Hot Swap Memory and why they were removed from the upcoming release of Hyper-V

· Eric response to the question "If you where king for a day what would you do and how reasonable would it be to achieve?”

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