A really handy tool! Windows Server 2008 App Logo Tool

P1000267So I am sitting across from Steve Bell on the "Windows Server 2008 Software Logo Program and Application Compatibility" stand (I know, long name!). Steve is a Senior Product Manager for Logo and Application Compatibility. Steve and I have had long discussions around the tool and I will be writing a series of articles towards the end of the month around a number of the app logo and compatibility tools which will help in identifying application issues and addressing them. The other big win is the documentation, I think that this is a message which has been missed!

Documentation is a big thing for every company. What are the drivers that have been installed? File System changes? Registry Changes? This tool looks at the application and captures a lot of this information and where there are problems with the installation (from a logo perspective) it details the issue and what potential problems you could have.

Regardless of how quickly customers plan to migrate, the value of your application soars when you can demonstrate forward-compatibility with the Windows Server 2008 operating system.

Steve and his team have compiled everything you need to develop applications in compliance with best practices for Windows Server 2008.

These free tools (oh did I forget to mention its all free), links, demos, and other resources will help you incorporate compatibility into your existing development cycle, rather than waste time by retooling after the fact.

What’s more, customers are also using our tools to plan systems they can deploy with confidence on the new platform. As a result, early market demand for compatible and certified applications is already on the rise.

I think this is a great methodology to use when testing your application before sequencing them. It wont test for every dependency for a sequenced application and its not focused around sequencing or application virtualization, however it gives some good insite to applications that are not generally understood! I am already giving my two cents worth!

You can download the tools from here - http://microsoft.mrmpslc.com/InnovateOnWindowsServer/Resources.aspx 

Check these out! I was so impressed with these tools and I am not that easy to impress!!!

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