Set Up For the big Day!

P1000222So with 1 Day to go, we are here in Barcelona and setting up! Wayne Richards, Lee Morfil, Jane Lewis, Duane Thomas, Jamie Zink (US) , and I are running around getting all the demo's up and loaded.

Its been great getting here a day earlier...... there is lot of stuff to do and lots of people to meet. I have been able to touch base with Ward Ralston (Windows Server 2008) and  Edwin Yuen (System Center Product Manager).  I am currently waiting for Eric Jewett to turn up to chat about the Windows Server 2008 Datacenter and Enterprise Edition stand..... however you may see some freelancing from Duane Thomas and Myself on the Virtualization stands!!!!

Barcelona looks great..... fantastic city! Lots to see and lots to do! And great food and drink! Some things to look out for are all the bars and restaurants by the cathedral!  

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