Sitting in Airports!

2 Days till the conference kicks off and I am making my way to Barca! I love that City, Its amazing! As I sit here in Gatwick Airport (London) I think back to TechEd Orlando and start to remember the lessons learned;

1. Remember the days are longs so drinks lots and keep taking fluids

2. Bring dry markers and a tablet PC ........ there is nothing worse than chatting to someone and explaining a topology without drawing it out

3. Ware comfy shoes!


I am already drinking lots of fluids and will continue to do so throughout the week (obviously there will be varying degrees of which type of fluids will go in me) ....... My trusty Tablet with Vista is with me "as always", and dry marker pens are packed in my laptop bag, 3 different colors blue, black and red!! However point 3 I am starting to question myself over! I quickly rushed out today to purchase what I believed to be comfy shoes ......... As I walk around the airport looking for the next best deal I am starting to think I may have been horribly mistaken and may dash to a trendy shoe shop in Barca this week to find something comfy!

I guess 2 out of 3 is not bad!

In other words! If there is any words of wisdom of attending these events, these would be it...... "where very very comfy shoes!"......... by Friday you should see lots of hobbling Microsoftie's otherwise!

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