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Owwwww with just 7 days before ITForum in Europe its getting very exciting! I wont be on the SoftGrid Stand however you can come and bug me on one of the Windows Server 2008 stands! Look for the jolly looking version of me these days Wink I am out in Stockholm Sweden at the moment! But am looking forward to some great times in Barcelona with you all!!!


Anyway, here are a few more little examples! Nothing earth shattering but still examples!


Example 1 - Accessing local application



Example 1a - Accessing Batch File via UNC


NOTE: HREF tag cannot be used with %SFT_MNT% or to launch EXE from within virtual environment.

Feel free to add any examples that you have done in the past! would like to create a nice repository that people can quickly jump to and pull examples!

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