Terminal Server Fonts in SoftGrid

Just wanted to ping this up to the community as this has been an interesting talking point to a number of our Terminal Server/Citrix customers. In the past Softricity SoftGrid never use to be able to virtualize fonts in terminal server environments. To add to this In SoftGrid 4.1 Service Pack 1 we released the following knowledge base article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/938497 we received a number general guidelines. One of these guidelines is around font in terminal services


This statement in the 4.1 SP1 Release Notes would appear to be incorrect.  We test virtualized fonts in a streamed app in a Terminal Server environment. This functionality is in the product and can be utilised. We now be virtualizing fonts properly on Terminal Server.

The great thing is that now you can now not need to have a dependency on adding fonts to your base Windows Terminal Server platform.

So just to restate this in big and bold words. SoftGrid 4.1 Service Pack 1 Client for Terminal Servers DOES virtualize fonts.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Justin Zarb (MS) recently published a blog entry that Microsoft is now able to virtualize fonts on Terminal Server using the fairly new SoftGrid 4.1 SP1 Client. This is great news as it use to b …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Something in the way Softgrid is sequencing changed when working from a terminal server. It used to be

  3. Anonymous says:

    My buddy Justin has a note on his blog about a doc error in the 4.1 SP1 Release Notes where it says the

  4. Thanks for the update but this just feeds a fire of mine to get more disclosure from MS as to what has been fixed in each release. I know you are making an effort but I’m having a wonderful time convincing clients to get off of their old clients because I cannot illustrate the benefit. I have more than one client still running old 4.1 code (!!!!). No fix list = hard time making an argument to change.


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