Adobe CS3 Error 53256 – UTF-8 or ANSI FileInfo.dll

From Brussels to Newcastle! And I have been back to my roots working on Active Directory Projects! However it has not stop me from keeping an eye out for some good information.

Adobe CS3 sequencing has been an interesting and active topic out there in sequencing world. All the team have been looking into this and recently we uncovered some interesting information. After looking at this further, it appears that it’s not actually a corrupted manifest, but rather it’s a manifest encoded in UTF-16 which we don’t currently support.  If you run into this, rather than deleting the .manifest as described on the other blog and techcenter, you might try extracting it with a PE editor and re-saving it as UTF-8 or ANSI as FileInfo.dll.manifest and things *should* work, as the external manifest should overwrite the internal dll’s.  The caveat is that this is all theoretical, but it's worth a try.  Just be sure you have backups of all you files before you go and start changing things.


This link gives some great information;

XML File Encoding is Changed from UTF-8 to UTF-16


When using InstallShield XML File Changes view to modify an xml file, the encoding value of the entire xml file is being changed from UTF-8 to UTF-16 at install time. This may cause your application failing to start.




Macrovision made some significant changes to the XML File Changes view between IS 11 and 11.5 to make it more functional and feature-rich. In doing so, they are encountering an issue with the MSXML component that they call into to make the XML File Changes view work correctly. For some reason, it seems like MSXML wants the files to be in UTF-16 encoding format and the switch is occuring somewhere in there.


In the InstallShield Community Forum bryanwolf of Macrovision confirmed that this is unexpected behavior. It still being looked into and no resolution has been posted quite yet.

Created: 2006-01-24   Macrovision tracking number: IOC-000044312

It seems to be a bug in the most commonly used installer software and unless the ISV manually fixes it before release, it's likely to happen.

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    J.C put up a handy post on the step by step configuration process for Adobe CS3…… you should know

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