Error When Sequencing Excel 2007

Bob put a post up on the SG team blog which is a nice post, he has spotted some errors on sequencing Excel 2007. Its a handy FYI post and to be aware of so keep this in the back pocket!!


Here’s a problem I ran into a few days ago that I thought was kind of interesting.  In case you ever try to sequence Excel 2007 you might appreciate some of the notes I took and what I did to get it working.


Problem: After sequencing Excel 2007 to X:\8.3, the following 2 errors appear when streamed and launched on client:

“2007 Microsoft Office System – Please wait while setup prepares the necessary files.”
“Windows Installer – Preparing to Install”

Note: The above scenario occurred while sequencing on Windows XP SP2 workstation using the SoftGrid 4.2..0.303 sequencer.


Step 1: Creating the MSP

1. Created clean XP SP2 workstation. The machine has no additional software except Windows Installer 3.1 and Virtual Machine Additions.
2. Copied Office 2007 Enterprise Source to C:\12.0.4518.1014 folder.
3. Executed C:\12.0.4518.1014\setup.exe /admin to create new .MSP with the following settings:
Install Location: X:\Office\Excel.v4
Organization Name: Microsoft
Licensing and user interface:
Product Key:xxxx
I accept the terms in the License Agreement
Display Level – Full – default
Completion notice
Set feature installation states:
Microsoft Office Access: X
Excel: Run all from my computer
Microsoft Office Groove: X
Microsoft Office OneNote: X
Microsoft Office Outlook: X
Microsoft Office PowerPoint: X
Microsoft Office Publisher: X
Office Shared Features:
Microsoft Office Themes – X
New and Open Microsoft Office Document Shortcuts – X
Proofing Tools – [F] Optical Character Recognition Modules – X
Spelling and Grammar Checkers – X
Office Tools: Run All from My Computer with exception of Microsoft Office Document
Imaging (X)
Microsoft Office Visio Viewer: X
Microsoft Office Word: X
Microsoft Office InfoPath: X
5. Saved file as Excel2007.msp
6. Installed Sequencer

Step 2: Sequencing
1. Start the Sequencer, select New Package.
2. Suite Name: Off2007_V4, Title: Name, Comments: XP SP2, 32 KB, 0 Compression, X:\Office\excel.v4 – Path: Off2007_V4 – Next
3. OS – Windows XP Professional – Finish
4. Installation Wizard – Next
5. Sequencing Parameters – Compression Algorithm – Not Compressed, Block Size – 32 KB – Next
6. Begin Monitoring
7. Start/Run – C:\12.0.4518.1014\setup.exe /adminfile c:\12.0.4518.1014\Excel2007.msp
8. Upon completion of installation – Open X:\office\excel.v4\office12\excel.exe
9. Privacy Options – Accept defaults – Ok. Select F1 Help.
10. Exit Excel. Do not save changes.
11. Stop Monitoring.
12. Browse for Folder – X:\office\excel.v4 – Ok.
13. Monitoring Finished – Next
14. Install Wizard – Finish.
15. Application Wizard – Next.
16. Configure Applications – Remove 2007 Microsoft Office Component, Microsoft Office Diagnostics, and Notepad. Next.
17. Launch Applications – Highlight Excel and select Launch.
18. Once opened – test F1 Help.
19. Exit Excel.
20. Launch Applications – Next.
21. Sequence Package – Finish.
22. On the Virtual Registry tab in the Sequencer, expand the following virtual registry location: User\%SFT_SID% \Software\Microsoft\Office\Common\UserInfo – delete UserInitials and UserName values.
23. On the Virtual File System tab, expand the following location:
Right-click this entry to clear the virtualized flag. This action lets Tablet PC computers function correctly.
24. File Save. Off2007_V4.sprj in Off2007_V4 Folder.
25. Add the following to the .OSD
26. Copy to content share.
27. Import into Management Console
28. Stream to XP SP2 client.

Once I did this, Excel streamed successfully to my Windows XP SP2 client with only the SoftGrid for Windows Desktops, Virtual Machine Additions, Windows XP SP2 installed.

Of course I can’t guarantee that this will work in your environment but this seemed to work for me.  Hope this helps!

Robert Morris

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