Its GREAT to be at Microsoft

Hello all, its a great week to be at Microsoft. 

1. What would the world be without Master Chief. Finish the Fight everyone - Halo 3 launches tonight.  A truly awesome game,  I will be on line from tonight at 00:00 GMT so join in and if you think you hard enough  give me a game.h3_prelaunch_1024

2. Windows Server 2008 RC0. RC0 is a big release because it means we’re entering the home stretch for Windows Server 2008 and because it includes the first preview of our new hypervisor based virtualization technology, Windows Server virtualization (WSV).

3. Finally, Alex Hinrichs and our own Jeff Woolsey recorded a Channel 9 interview which is now available online on Windows Server 2008 and WSV. (Win 2k8 ROCKS!)

Enjoy all!!

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