A few Citrix and SoftGrid bits!

So its been a really busy week and my time was not spent blogging! I ended up completing my Prince2 certification which meant this week was a busy one to say the least! Friday came and another exam and the certification was in LOGO_PRINCE2  Open-mouthed


So I was in a thread on the techcenter and wanted to try and collaborate a few SoftGrid /TS/Citrix resource that admin's can look at for guidance 

Best Practice for Integrating SoftGrid with TS and Citrix



The Trial guide also contains some content for deploying on to Terminal Server on Page 20.


Great support article with regards to publishing applications to Citrix is;


Also please note this kb where Microsoft SoftGrid-enabled Citrix seamless applications sessions do not shutdown.

Which is related to Seamless Sessions Take 30 Seconds to Close when the SoftGrid Client is Installed


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