SoftGrid Community Page on TechCenter

Sean D pinged a mail out to us all with a great new addition to the TechCenter. There are now community based forums which should assist you gain knowledge on the product.


I am very excited to announce the creation of 3 new SoftGrid Forums on the recently released SoftGrid TechCenter on TechNet.

SoftGrid Community Page


With the addition of these initial forums the “SoftGrid Community” becomes more interactive and a great resource for people to post questions and get replies from experienced community members as well Microsoft employees.

These initial forum topics will be:

· SoftGrid Server (including management)

· SoftGrid Client

· Sequencer

More forums will be added as demand and activity increase. The SoftGrid Community site will also experience growth as the next release of SoftGrid approaches.

The key to a successful community is in the participation. This is why I am calling on all SoftGrid Veterans and champs, both internal to Microsoft and abroad, to monitor and interact in this new environment.

I appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you on the Forums.

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