Process Explorer v11

Good old Jeroen emailed this out to the team earlier today and this can be very useful to use when troubleshooting applications. 

ProcessExplorer v11.0: We’re excited to announce the release of Process Explorer v11, which introduces major startup and UI performance improvements, new columns and process details for Vista I/O priorities, memory priorities, and Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) DLL and executable attributes, an enhanced security properties page that shows raw SID values, fully asynchronous thread symbol resolution, integration with UAC, and more!

What's new in Version 11.0:

•New treelist control for better UI responsiveness

•Asynchronous thread symbol resolution on threads tab of process properties

•More flags on groups in security tab and SID display

•Thread IDs on threads tab

•On-line search uses default web browser and search engine

•Vista ASLR column for processes and DLLs

•Vista Process and thread I/O and memory priorities in process and thread properties

•Vista Process and thread I/O and memory columns

•PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION support on process permissions on Vista

•Run as limited user runs with low IL on Vista

•Reports information for all object types on Vista

•Show details for all processes elevation menu item on Vista

•Supports replacement of task manager on Vista

•/e to launch elevated

•/s switch to select a process at startup

•Compiled w/ASLR, DEP

•Faster startup

•Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor improvements

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