Its all about the logs!?

So we are sometimes confronted with asking the basic questions...... what the heck is going on!!? One of the best places to start are the log files that are created. If we look at the basic Softgrid Components there are some core areas that we can look at and set options to log and debug the platforms. These components can help troubleshoot and identify the core problems.


So we wanted to give you a quick look at what they are!!

Virtual Application Server
Description: Stores messages from the SoftGrid Virtual Application Server.
Path: %ProgramFiles%\Softricity\SoftGrid Server\logsFor more information
For mor information see KB 930871

MSI Logging During Installation
Description: Used for troubleshooting the VAS installation.
Path: Set with switch
msiexec.exe /i "SoftGrid Virtual Application Server(TM).msi" /Lv* c:\mylog.txt
For more information see KB 931258

Management Console Logging
Description: Logs errors that occur within the SoftGrid Management Console.
Path: C:\Program Files\Softricity\SoftGrid Management Console\sftmmc.log
Must be enabled manually in Registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Softricity\SoftGrid Management Console\LogLevel = 0x1
For more information see KB 930846

Description: The main log used for troubleshooting on the SoftGrid client PC.
Path: WD - %ProgramFiles%\Softricity\SoftGrid for Windows Desktops TS -
%ProgramFiles%\Softricity\SoftGrid for Terminal ServersFor more information see KB 931803 (4.x)
For more information see KB 931585 (3.x)

MDO (Minimal Disconnected Operation) Log File
Description: Records application launches, application shutdowns, launch failures,
and Minimal Disconnected Operation (MDO) mode entrances and exits.
Path: Specified in Registry
Client\CurrentVersion\Configuration\LaunchRecordLogPath (REG_SZ)
For more information see KB 931252

Description: Used for troubleshooting Network Transport errors.
Path: WD - %ProgramFiles%\Softricity\SoftGrid for Windows Desktops\sftnta.txt
TS - %ProgramFiles%\Softricity\SoftGrid for Terminal Servers\sftnta.txt
For more information see KB 931586

Description: The main log file for logging on the sequencer.
Path: %ProgramFiles%\Softricity\SoftGrid Sequencer\Logs

Description: Stores the actions taken during the reboot processing.
Path: %ProgramFiles%\Softricity\SoftGrid Sequencer\Logs

Description: Records all process starts and stops seen by SystemGuard.
Path: %ProgramFiles%\Softricity\SoftGrid Sequencer\Logs

Description: A binary log that stores file activity during sequencing.
Path: %ProgramFiles%\Softricity\SoftGrid Sequencer\Logs

Description: Logs all files in the VFS. It must be enabled by setting
Sequencer\CurrentVersion\Configuration\FileManifest to “1”. (REG_DWORD)
Path: %ProgramFiles%\Softricity\SoftGrid Sequencer\Logs

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