SoftGrid Client Setup Kit

Patrick Jaspers (one of our softgrid consulting knights!) told me about a new login consultants tool. I need to have a play around with the tool and let you all know how this works!!

Synopsis of the tool!

Login Consultants have released the SoftGrid Client Setup Kit. This is a very useful tool when it comes to deploying the SoftGrid client to Windows desktops, but also because this is the first tool that comes with the new and improved Login Consultants tool lay-out!

With the SoftGrid Client Setup Kit (SGCSK) you can easily configure an universal installation VB-Script for deploying the SoftGrid Client to Windows Desktops. Because Windows Desktops are always very different in terms of hardware specs and software level, you need additional intelligence during installation of the SoftGrid client to determine the amount of hard disk space you can use for the SoftGrid Client cache size property. The SGCSK can dynamically determine the SoftGrid Client cache size, based on a percentage of free disk space.  Also, certain configuration settings cannot be configured using the native SoftGrid Client installer. You can configure most of the common settings that you would normally have to configure after the installation completes.

Settings which can be configured by the SGCSK:

  • All the standard installation options
  • Dynamic Determination of SoftGrid Client Cache Size
  • SoftGrid Client Security Settings
  • Disconnect Operation Settings

Use the generated script to deploy the SoftGrid Client to Windows desktops by importing it in your deployment solution!

You can download the SGCSK in the download section.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jan posted this over on the login consultants teams blog . We talked about this last week and after trying

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