SoftGrid TechEd 2007 Videos!

So as you know I had a great time out at TechEd 2007 on the Windows Server 2008 Demo Booths (Yellow TLC Area). However there was some great SoftGrid Sessions that were run. Some of the videos that were captures are fantastic! These two are some great videos around SoftGrid. One of these is a customer talking about there experience around the SoftGrid.


Russell Investment Group & Microsoft SoftGrid
Russell Investment Group & Microsoft SoftGrid

Russell Investment Group’s Greg Nelson discusses how Microsoft SoftGrid’s application virtualization has helped to cut costs and improve delivery time.



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How Do Applications Become Virtual?

Learn about application virtualization as Chad Jones and Jeff Wettlaufer engage in a question and answer session about Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization. SoftGrid is a unique application virtualization and dynamic delivery platform that transforms Windows applications into virtualized entities with multiple delivery options.

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