Windows Server Virtualization Videos from Teched 2007!

 So I will be posting some great Virtualization Video's from TechEd 2007 over the next couple of days! These were two great Videos around Windows Server Virtualization (Which had more people hitting these stands than you could shake a stick at!). These Video's are here to help dismiss some of the myths around the Windows Server Virtualization platform!


Myths of Virtualization
Myths of Virtualization

Microsoft’s Jim Ni addresses common misunderstandings about virtualization while detailing the company’s most recent efforts in this area.


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The Myths Of Virtualization

Rajiv Arunkundram, Senior Product Manager on the Windows Server Virtualization Team, answers a host of questions from Ward Ralston regarding the virtualization within Windows Server 2008, and covers the top 2 myths faced by virtualization as well as other common misunderstandings.

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  1. Gerben Kloosterman says:

    Nice video’s, I have linked to here.

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