Microsoft Server Virtualization Calculator demo

If you don't by licence's or have no interest in them, then this article probably is not going to be one for you to read...... 🙁


However for the rest of you that carried on reading, I wanted to put up another demo on a handy tool that can show you the cost advantages of using Microsoft Virtualization. Eric Jewett who did the Microsoft Server Virtualization Licensing has also done a cool demo around the Windows Server Virtualization Calculator v2 . The demo is very cool and I even got beat up by Edwin Yuen from the SCVMM team when I forgot about this tool one day.


Download the tool and Have a good watch, and see how easy this tool is to use and play with.

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  1. Chris Topham says:

    Hi Zarbie, i think the virtualisation calculator content has gone or is missing from the site.  I found another one which seems even more useful here, it gives you the rough costs and savings you could make by virtualizing your servers.

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