Microsoft Server Virtualization Licensing

This is one of the most hilarious topics to discuss.......... why I hear you ask!? Well, because most people just don't get it!!!..... or just don't want to!!!! 🙂 

So what is the difference in licensing costs between the 3 Server Products when Virtual Server is installed on top of them? What do you get for your money!

Well in 30 minutes you can actually understand it..... Eric Jewett (Lead Product Manager) has done this great little number in this nugget.  

So go and Grab your coffee or Cuppa tea...... Put your head phones in...... and hit play ..... Enjoy!!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    En el evento organizado por el GLUE el pasado martes, Alejandro Ponicke mostro una pequeña punta sobre

  2. Anonymous says:

    So with 1 Day to go, we are here in Barcelona and setting up! Wayne Richards, Lee Morfil, Jane Lewis

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