How do we find out a SoftGrid Client error messages?

Now this may seem like a really strange post but recently an email was sent to me saying that a user was trying to run an application but all that was happening in the system tray was "Launch Failed"....... I replied back with "but what's the error code!!!!!!" , and then it dawned on me....... perhaps some people don't actually know how to get these!


So, When you see that ‘Launch failed’ above the system tray area, you can click on it to get a popup dialog with more info, including a specific error code.


You can also go back and look in the log (sftlog.txt in the path where you installed the client) to find the launch error—the easiest way is to search for “The SoftGrid Client could not launch the application you requested” which should show up in the log file right next to the error code.


So in my example my log file is stored at %Program Files%\Softricity\SoftGrid for Windows Desktops\sftlog.txt and within my log file I

   1: [07/26/2007 14:37:44.407 TRAY ERR] {tid=2140:usr=jzarb}
   2: The SoftGrid Client could not launch Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 7.0.2052.0.
   3: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
   4: Error code: 420114-19D0472A-0000274D

That error code points us much more specifically at what failed… There are literally thousands of things that could have caused the failure you see, and without the error code we can’t really narrow it down.


In the above example a quick search and I find a quick browse of the info and a quick fix and then I am back on my way to streaming heaven!!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Myron,

    Have you tried



  2. Anonymous says:

    Opps, wrote that comment late last night and thought it was a different day 🙂 Posting the article today!!!



  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually Frank, you are generally better off by searching last 4 to 5 numbers [from the last block], as those are error-identifying ones in error code. Good search engine (*coff*) should find the error by that as those numbers at least used to be given out in a bit varying format in KB articles documenting them.

    First and second block of numbers/letters encode client version and machine specific information.


  4. Anonymous says:

    You are both right 🙂 I certainly tend to use the later but you both very right! I will blog on monday what the error codes xxxxxx – xxxxxxxx – xxxxxxxx actually mean and do…. I have had this post laying around for a while but had not finished it off….

    So on monday I will have a nice post to explain 🙂



  5. Anonymous says:

    Opps, wrote that comment late last night and thought it was a different day 🙂 Posting the article today!!!



  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Justin,

    thanks for the Inspiration of an new German Softgrid Blogarticle. I´ve stolen your Picture for this. (Sorry about this. It is great).

    At least one remark. If you search in the Microsoft Knowlegdebase for this specific Errorcode you have to use the following format.

    The last 2 signs of block two and block three.

    For your Errorcode search for "xxxxxx2A-0000274D"

    The SPID=12357 in the following Searchlink is the Softgrid Product ID.

    With kind regards from Germany


  7. fredrik lindell says:


    I have a big problem, i have created a package via sequencer, and saved the application as a .msi.

    I followed the instruction from MS. I have configured the pc´s registry, but get launched faild when I try to run the application after I have installed the .msi

    I am able to telnet the server, but i would like to run the .msi without any serverconnection. that is why i have removed the online key.

    I dont know what to do ?

    Fredrik Lindell from sweden

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  9. Meguttpoutt says:


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    Why did I tell you that sercet info? Dont know.

  10. Myron Abston says:

    I sequenced MS Project 2007. Now when I try to launch the program from the client PC, the connection fails and I get the following error:


    Any help would be most appreciated.


  11. milas says:


    if I am trying to refresh application with "sfttray /refreshall", I get the following error:


    Thanks for help

    Milas from Bonn/Germany

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