Hello all, I am back from visiting my grandparent abroad! Myself and Natalie (My better half!) have come back with a nice tan to keep me going through the lovely British Summer! (It is wet!!!!!) Anyway, back to business! So what's this whole UsrVol_sftfs_v1.pkg thing!!

The UsrVol_sftfs_v1.pkg is created for each application and its contents are determined during the sequencing process. Every file captured during the sequencing process is given a Softricity File type based on file name extension, directory, and how that file was used in the sequencing process.

imageThe files that get assigned the "User Data" and "User Configuration" attribute will be added to the UserVol_sftfs_v1.pkg for that application. All files initially reside in a "shared" common space on the client. If a user opens the file, a symbolically linked copy of the file is made in the user's personal application area (profile) by default "%appdata%\softgrid Client\PackageGUID\UserVol_sftfs_v1.pkg" and will only be seen by that user. The UsrVol_sftfs_v1.pkg in the user's personal application area also contains a unique copy of the virtual registry that can only be used by that user.


Files that are given the "Application Data" and "App Configuration" will be added to the Global Vol Package (glblVol_sftsfs_v1.pkg) for that application. There is only one file.Global12

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is not currently available for 4.1/4.2… however this does not mean that the feature will not be considered for later releases.

    If i get some news I will let you know.

    All the best


  2. Anonymous says:


    do you know something about a viewer for the content of an pkg file.

    It could sometimes very interesting to know the content of an pkg file.

    Or much more better an editor for pkg files in case of upgrading an softgrid application.

    Regards from Germany


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