SCCM with SoftGrid 4.5


I am currently getting ready for a well deserved holiday (actually that statement varies from person to person!!) and handing the reigns over to Andrew Bennett to keep blogging on my fortnight away.

However before this I really wanted to get some information up that excited me around the integration of SoftGrid 4.5 and SCCM. Some of the information that was punted out at TechEd are;

· Distribution Points are enabled to stream virtual applications to clients

· SCCM clients are configured to interact with the SoftGrid client to evaluate policy

· SCCM administrators use the SCCM Administrator Console to create virtual application packages and send them to distribution points

· SCCM Advertisements are used to deliver applications to clients

· Currently in the early phases of planning and development

· Available Summer of 2008 (Tentatively)

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been testing out Softgrid 4.5 with Any SMS/SCCM Environment (non integrated) and I actually got it working to sequence an MSI, then push that out through SMS/SCCM, and have the Virtual app working without talking to a stream server. All you have to do is change a setting in the .OSD file, and you could make it think it’s talking to a stream server when really it’s just talking to the CCM/Cache folder on the client. Kind of a different sort of Standalone mode, of course I was just testing it out, but it works great. Instant Load times!

  2. Rich Lindesay says:

    That’s all good that Softgrid is getting integrated with SCCM, however equally as important that it functions just as well alone or with other distribution software.  Looking forward to getting stuck into 4.5 and seeing the new features, especially "standalone mode"… niiiice

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