Who’s using what app!?

So sometimes you may want to sanity check who is using what application or Who has an application open and running. We can do this by using the SQL data;

Open SQL Enterprise manager.

Now expand the SoftGrid database.
Expand the tables.

Right-click on the "APPLICATION_USAGE" table, and select "Open Table" then "Return all rows".3
Scroll to the bottom (the default view will normally have the newest sessions at the bottom), and look for a session with an End Time of <NULL>. NULL means that the session is currently open and has not been closed off, scroll to the right for the application name, and further to the right will be the column showing the user name that has the session open.

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Now this is really handy as we can find out individuals that may have applications that are left open or you want to identify who is currently using what applications! A good SQL pep could create some fantastic reporting of this information!

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