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Keith Combs has put up the link a great new tool that I have been playing with all day. Its a great way for controlling and managing your Virtual Server platforms.


For those of you running Microsoft Virtual Server, we have a new treat in store for you.  Matthijs ten Seldam, a Principal Consultant in the Netherlands has developed a VM client display and management tool called VMRCPlus.  This tool will be available shortly on the Microsoft download center, TechNet online download centers, and in the companion disk of a new book written by Robert Larson & Janique Carbone.  As with most if not all of our resource kit type tools, there is no support for the tool.  Here's a list of the goodies in the tool:

    • Direct control of local or remote instances of the Virtual Server service. IIS and IE browser are no longer required!
    • Tabbed interface to quickly jump between Virtual Server hosts and guest VMRC sessions.
    • Reusable saved states: this feature allows users to preserve a particular saved state and return to that state at any time.
    • Multiple guest selection supported for startup/shutdown/save/display.
    • Browse button navigation for media, hard disk images, ISO images, .VMC files, etc.
    • Drag and Drop support for .VMC files, ISOs images, VHD and VFD files.
    • Resizable desktop support for guests running Virtual Machine Additions (maximize VMRC window supported).
    • Limited cut and paste of text from host to guest (only).
    • A built-in utility to take JPG screenshots of running guests. Useful when filing bugs.
    • Built-in error notification with Virtual Server eventlog viewer.
    • A Virtual Networks Manager and Virtual Disks Manager that cover all features.
    • Keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-S to save state a guest).
    • Create multiple guests at once.
    • Create guest from parent (or multiple guests)!
    • Automatic reconnect to a designated Virtual Server host.
    • Toolbars in both Guest and Console Manager for quick access.
    • Unlimited number of guests.
    • Maximum of 32 Virtual Server hosts.
    • Sorting on columns of guests so you can sort based on status and multi-select.
    • Automatic detection of Virtual Machine Additions and notification.
    • Detection of Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1.

Download x86 version @ http://keithcombs.members.winisp.net/vmrcplus/VMRCplus-1.5.0-x86.zip

Download x64 version @ http://keithcombs.members.winisp.net/vmrcplus/VMRCplus-1.5.0-x64.zip

[NOTE] Matthijs said in the internal email on the subject we could distribute this publicly as long as we make it clear there is no support.  Please make sure to review the EULA as well.  When the microsoft.com download center links go live, the links above will change.  Enjoy !!!

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  1. Mohammed Haris says:

    The download link to x86 version is not working…

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