Learning Microsoft SoftGrid Blogcast Series

So I saw this little set of nuggets that Brian Tucker has been really good to sit down and come up with for deploying SoftGrid from Scratch. Its a really nice quick introduction for the die hard SMS man! So hats of to Brian for starting to become a good convert to the cause! Brian has only just released the blogcast series which look really sweet! Well Done Brian.....


However in my humble opinion I think Brian's SMS 2003 SP3 Bloopers Blogcasts were the best!!!!


The series is short and sweet and broken down into section that just about anyone will understand. Below are the key sections to the series and I hope it helps you either to determine if you will utilize the application in production, test or simply watch just to know more about this application.

Part 1 - Prerequisites and Installation

  • SoftGrid Prerequisites
  • Choosing a SQL DB / SQL 2000 - 2005 or MSDE
  • Installing the SoftGrid server
  • Basic intro to the SoftGrid Admin console

    Part 2 - Client Installation Methods

  • Installation discussion about command line switches for both .exe and .msi based clients
  • Manual client configuration
  • Active Directory Group Policy .adm template installation and configuration

    Part 3 - Deploying Sequenced Applications

  • Importing sequenced application(s)
  • Verify client policy is accepted by the SoftGrid client
  • Client configuration
  • Clearing known configurations from clients (problematic) - Your helpdesk can reset applications on the fly to help users with applications

    Part 4 - Upgrading Sequenced Applications

  • If you have an application that is deployed and need to upgrade, part 4 shows the basic process.

    Part 5 - License Management & Provider Policies

  • Determining which applicaiton should be managed by a SoftGrid license manager
  • Setup of the license
  • Enforce the policy of the license in the sequenced application
  • Validation of failure on the SoftGrid 4.1 client

    Part 6 - Reporting

  • Learn how simple it is to create and run reports based on applications, users, groups and system status from the SoftGrid admin console

    Part 7 - Sequencing Applications

    Come back in 24 hours for the last part of the series... I'm human and it's late! Stick out tongue

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Tim Mangan who is a busy chappy on SoftGridGuru has released a number of training videos to demonstrate

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